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Verkeersbord: waar naar toe?
Traffic sing: where to go?

Clarity in advance = no surprises at the end

Below is a detailed explanation of our rates. That creates clarity for you so you know exactly where you stand. Please read this section carefully and thoroughly to avoid surprises.

Rental Rates

Years of experience tells us that most people look for a very good car at a very good rate. That is why we concentrate on that and offer Prepaid-rates only as that is lowest rate you can get.

In a Prepaid rate you pay the rental rate (not: the safety deposit within 7 days after you received the confirmation on our Dutch or Curacao bank Account. Fast, without extra costs (if paid within the European Community) and very reliable. In this way you save 15-20% compared to cash- or credit card rates.
That’s why we can offer you the lowest rate on Curacao for young and new cars!

The safety deposit is to be paid in cash only. You pay this at arrival in EURO or USD. This will be refunded when you return your car.

High Season

During the high season of the Holidays (Christmas/New Year), a surcharge is applicable of EURO 4,00/day/car (Cat. 1 to 4) and EURO 5,00/car/day (Cat. 5 to 8). This applies for all rentals between the dates of December 15th and January 10th of each year.


We alreay have the lowest rates on the island. However, if you rent for 7 days or more, we offer you an extra discount depending on the total length of your rent. Just check it out on our rate page.

Rental Period

Prices in the rate table are at a minimum rental period of 5 days. Shorter periods are not possible for this low rate.

One rental day consists of 24 hours. Exceeding the agreed rental period (= late return), will lead to a surcharge (0-6 hours: half day rental; more than 6 hours: whole day rental). You can save a day if you choose your pickup and drop off times carefully.

Insurance, deductibles and safety deposit

All our cars are very well insured.

Like your home car insurance, you will have deductable in case of an accident and/or damage, but only if the accident is your fault. Please notice that the deductable is applicable to damage to the rented car and to third parties (however, charging the deductable is limited to once per accident).

We have limited your deductable to EURO 125.00 only per event (damage). With most rental companies this deductable is much higher and can only be reduced at a high surcharge. But not with us: no extra charge for a low deductable.

Safety Deposit
As with any other car rental companies, you have to pay a safety deposit before you receive the car. This is EURO 300,00 (or USD 400,00).
The deposit will be returned after the rental period (minus costs at your account).

Clean "inside and outside"

We deliver the rented car "carwash clean" to you. You do not expect otherwise. This means that the car is 'spic and span ', both outside and inside (weather permitting).
To keep prices low, we want the car be rented out again quickly after your rental period. Therefore we expect the car to be returned in the same way again. So, clean inside and outside. Cleaning costs are not included in the rental rate.

A local carwash charges approximately ANG 30.00 to 40.00 for the full (internal and external) cleaning of a car (depending on the type of car). This takes about 30-40 minutes. It can sometimes be crowded at a carwash, because most carwashes on Curaçao still do everything 'by hand'.

Please be aware that a non-clean car can't be checked for damage. We can do it later, when the car is cleaned. The refund of the deposit cannot be done immediately if this is the case.

Receiving and Returning the car

The options for delivery and return of the rental car are at your accommodation or using our fast airport arrival service.

Delivery after you arrived at the airport
We offer you a very fast arrival service. You will be met personally and we take care that you can drive away within 15 minutes after passing customs. You do not face (long) waiting lines at a counter of a rental car companies (which are very common in peak hours), So, you will be on your way in 'no time' and you will save a lot of time. No lost time in searching your car or waiting in line.
This procedure also applies when you return the car.

P.S.: It is good to know that your luggage will not always fit completely in the trunk of your car. It depends on the category of car you have rented, the number of people, the amount of bags but also of the kind of luggage you are bringing with you. Scaling hard cases are more difficult than flexible travel bags, large suitcases are again more difficult to store than small ones. Just let us know and we can advise you what to do.

Delivery and return at your accommodation
Delivery (and: return) of your rental at your accommodation is also possible. We do this, normally, only between 08:00 and 11:00 hours (a.m., exact time will be agreed when making reservations). Only in the BlueBay area you can request for delivery in late afternoon/early evening.
Advantage of delivery (and: return) at your accommodation is that you don’t have to pay airport fees and mostly, you can reduce the rental period with 1 day (as you will return the car in the morning also). Delivery and return will take place at the front desk of your accommodation unless otherwise agreed.

Replacement car

You rent (almost) new cars (2010 or younger) from us. Therefore you will have little or no chance on flaws. But the risk remains, of course, that after a flaw or accident it is not possible to drive further with the rented car. If that is the case for 4 hours or more (actual or foreseen), you will receive a replacement car. As much as possible an equal car in size and model, but that obviously depends on the current availability. You will never have to miss much of your vacation!

Additional drivers

An additional driver can be useful. Adding these is possible when booking your car or later, when you receive your car. Each driver must present him-/herself to the rental company so that they can check the driver’s license. The additional driver must, but that applies to all drivers, possess a valid driver's license and must meet the criteria (minimum 23 years, not over 75 years and always minimum 1 years in possession of the driver’s license).
Extra drivers are free of charge.


With every car comes a free (very detailed) road map of Curaçao. However, you can rent (at u surcharge, see our rate page) a local GPS-system. This system guides you to most streets*, tourist attractions, restaurants and other places of interest.
* Subject to availability as GPS is limited available on Curacao; not all streets are mapped on Curaçao.

Child Seats

We have a large number of seats available in various size and models. You can order them at a small surcharge when making your reservation or later. Please note that a child seat takes a full seating place in your car. The costs of child seats in the rate table.
Click here for an overview of the available seats.

Rentals exceeding 7days

If you rent for a period of 7 days or more, a attractive discount on the already low rates applies.

Burglary and theft

Burglary and theft, like everywhere in the world, are events that also occur in Curaçao. We try to minimize this risk by a number of measures:

And of course we ask you to take care of some preventive measures, such as shut down the car properly, use the alarm and, most important, not leaving any valuables (visible or covered) in the car.