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Rental Terms

  1. The car may only be driven by the (on the rental contract) specified drivers and only if they are at least 24 or not older than 75 years of age and they must have their driver's license for at least three years. Driving by others is not allowed.
  2. The driver must at all times keep to local traffic regulations. Any fines or expenses due to confiscation or other costs associated with violating traffic laws and accidents, are to be paid by the renter.
  3. The car may only be used on paved roads. Using the non-paved public roads leading to public or private (fee-accessible) beaches or national parks, is also allowed if the roads are passable and open. Closed roads may never be used.
  4. When parking the car, it must always be closed and (if present) the alarm should ALWAYS be turned on. There may be no valuable objects (visible or invisible) left behind.
  5. The loss or damage of keys and / or remote control is fully the responsibility of the renter with a minimum of NAF 300, -;
  6. The use of the car while wearing (wet) swimwear is not allowed, as its damage/contamination is fully the risk of the renter. Diving equipment must be transported in plastic containers.
  7. The car must be clean when returning it after the rental, inside and outside. If, at the discretion of the rental company, this is not the case at least EURO 35.00 is charged. Cleaning should be done at a local Carwash ONLY.
  8. For any damage to the car itself and to others there is a deductible applicable, as specified in the rental contract, which will be refunded ONLY if the damage is fully recovered from a third party. The deductable excess applies per event. With several events in the same rental period, the deductible applies just as many accidents happened.
    At the renters expense will always be (in full!):
    • damage to tires (or: flat tires);
    • damage to the bottom and inside of the car;
    • damage directly caused by worn or bad road surfaces (such as pits and holes);
    • damages in connection with the unguarded on-site parking at Mambo Beach (see art. 9);
    • damage due to insufficient oil, coolant or low pressure;
    • loss, theft or damage of / to the navigation system (if installed in the car)
    • damage as a result of intentional, reckless driving, or if one of the exclusions / limitations apply.
  9. Special provisions Mambo Beach: Parking the car on the unguarded parking Mambo Beach is NOT allowed. Parking in the guarded area (fee) is allowed. Any damage caused by parking on the unguarded area is fully due to the renter and the rental company has the right, with proven violation, to cancel the rental agreement with immediate effect without refund of the remaining rental days OR place a steering lock in the car which is removed after payment of ANG 100.00.
  10. The amount of fuel at the car return must be at least equal to that on delivery of the car; if not, then the cost of the missing fuel will be charged, plus EUR 10.00 (refill charge).
  11. Every week, the tires and oil pressure and coolant must be monitored at a sufficient level. This is applicable for rental periods of 10 days or more.
  12. In the event of a collision or accident the driver should act according to the instructions in the car. In any case:
    • Curacao Road Service (CRS, phone #: 199) must be called; this is according to Curacao Law;
    • The car may NOT be moved ANYTIME before it is allowed by CRS; if done without permission or even before CRS arrives, the full damage is on behalf of the renter, regardless whether he is guilty or not.
    • Driving after an accident is only permitted after CRS clears the situation and the rental company allows further driving with a damaged car.
    • The accident-sheet, provided by CRS, must be handed over to the Rental Company;
    • The renter must inform the rental company immediately.
  13. Smoking and the use of alcohol and drugs in the car is STRICTLY not allowed, nor is non-hands free calling by the driver allowed. Any evidence of smoking in the car will cause a additional cleaning fee of ANG 500.00 minimum;
  14. One rental day consists of 24 hours. Exceeding this time we charge an additional rental fee of a half-day (up to 6 hours overtime), respectively 1 day (overtime of 7-24 hours). If overtime is more than 24 hours, charges will be pressed because of theft of the vehicle incl. declaration of embezzlement to the police.
  15. Cancellation fees: until 29 days before start of rental: EURO 75.00 + taxes; from 28-0 days before start of rental: 100% of rent + taxes. No refund when the car is returned earlier then agreed in the contract or with more fuel then when delivering the car.
  16. The renter agrees to these conditions if and when he/she indicates by e-mail wanting to make reservations for a rental car.

Modifications in these terms are always allowed; the valid terms will be handed out at the delivery of the car.